Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Trailing

Was at work today and kept looking out of the window. The day started of nicely with blue sky in the morning, but after saying goodbye to Grandma at lunch clouds started appearing. The evil type of clouds.
After doing some roof tilling with Chris it was looking far better, so after waiting 15 minutes longer than normal for Nico (he had to attach his GoPro to his handle bar as I had asked him to) we set of down Wertachtal. The exact way Nico had come beforehand. Up out of the valley and past the Sticher Weiher. Through the Oyer Moos and then a loud hissing sound. Somewhere I had gone over something and I had a flat tyre in seconds (it definitely was not a snake). After fixing it with a few tools at hand we carried on along the trail. Out the other end and up to Oy-Mittelberg. Were overtaken by some young motor bikers showing of, but didn't bother us to much.
Reaching the top we carried on along down a back valley for a while. Then it was down to the Mühlbach. Asked Nico to switch on his camera, as the Mühlbach is a super trail and I wanted a video of us biking it. After getting over the steps and to the end it was on to Feistenoy and after that down some cow trail which bought us to the main road. Along the main road for a while (the horror, we where on MTB's) and then around the Grüntensee with a short stop at the Klettergarten. I pressured us to carry on as I could see curtains of rain coming into our direction and I wanted to get home. After stopping for a short moment in Dohle I turned right to Gschwend and Nico went left to Maria Rhein. Raced the storm back home, but I lost in the end, getting a bit wet on the last few meters down Marsstraße.
A brilliant trail tour and the weather was near to perfect with a good friend biking alongside, what can you want more.

Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 29,5 km
Average speed: 14,4 km/h

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