Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rafting Imster Schlucht

Woke up a bit late today, five minutes or something like that. After Sven knocked on our door a few times we went down to breakfast and had lots to eat once again. After breakfast we packed up and after saying goodbye to the owners of the pension set of to rafting.
Arrived there first of all and waited until the rest of the group arrived. We were told we were going to be 12 people today and had two guides at our disposal. The rest of the group, we found out, were Swiss people and spoke really fast Swiss German. Us three didn't understand a thing when they were talking fast. After receiving our gear and getting changed we sat in a bus with the rafting boats behind us and set of for our entry point by the riverside.
Arrived there and already saw a bunch of other groups from other company’s there. In total there were about 12 boats. After carrying our boat to the waterside we got a safety lecture and tested the water temperature. Then it was of into the boats. First few tests in the water if we could coordinate our stroked correctly and then we went over the first wave. Drenched in seconds but having a lot of fun we had a small swimming are after that. Most went for a short dip, except two Swiss guys, but the water was so cold we found our way back into the rafting boat rather fast. After that a few fun areas, including ramming and spraying the other boat. Found out a really big wave had vanished because the stone that caused it had rolled over.
After quiet a few bounces on the waves it was back to land and some drinks. Drove back to base with the bus and after getting changed and a nice warm shower we got our next certificates.
Then back home to visit some kittens and have a look at Johanna's bauwagen.
A super spent weekend with lots of fun.

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