Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Cycling Weather (again)

After not going last week, I had not been cycling for two weeks. Coming home from school there were already the typical thunderclouds appearing over the Alps (the German word for Thursday seems to really fit; Donnerstag (Thunderday)) as it had been sweltering hot all day.
But at 18.25 I left the house to pick up Heidi and then carried on to the gym. Waiting for the rest the first discussions of where we were going to cycle sprung up. Some said here, some there, as nobody wanted to get wet.
At 18.45 we set of towards Wertach via the Grüntensee. Already storm clouds were coming up from the west. Stopping at a bridge we decided to correct our course and biked towards the Elleg, meeting Group 2 on the way who where heading strait for the dark clouds. Waiting at the main road it was then decided we would cycle up some mountains we had just come from, as the weather looked better there. Cycling through Wertach to our destination arguments of where to cycle sprung up again but in the end we went up a hill (to get some Höhenmeter) and then back as fast as possible to Nesselwang with thunder and lighting chasing us. For some reason we continued on through Geschwend and headed for Nesselwang hoping we would get there dry as it just started spitting. Well, hope shattered. Bearing down on Nesselwang coming from Pfronten was another storm front we then got caught in. Arrived at the Bistro a bit wet but just in time as not to get caught in the real downpour.
Track at GPSies from Jon as my Garmin is in for repairs. Pictures at Picasa from Jon and me and a report from Sepp here. Group 2 info here.

Time in saddle: 1 hour 20 min.
Distance: 26.4 km
Average: 19.6 km/h

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