Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Kappler Alm - Stubenthalalm

Woke up to beautiful sunshine weather and clear blue sky this morning. Good weather for hiking up to the Saloberalm near the Alatsee with my college class today.
Driving back home the clouds were getting numerous once again. After eating lunch the day had turned dark again. A typical Thursday, as usual. It pissed down sometime in the afternoon so when we set of at the gym it was a bit wet and still very cloudy (the gods hate us).
As once again everyone had voted for a "safe" route we cycled up the Alpspitze through Kappel and then up to the Kappler Alm. Bloody steep.
Jon hooked himself up to Karin for a short while to gain some ground.
Reaching the crossing back down to Nesselwang, Jon decided to leave us as his heart pulse wasn't to good. Continuing on without our Boss we biked up the Alpspitz were I fell on an electric fence quiet painfully. Luckily Inge was there strait away with her medicine. I fell twice more as my day just didn't seem to be good.
Racing downhill and then up again to the Stubenthal Alm we speed down past the Haslacheralm and then of to the Bistro, racing against Sepp and Hopsing.
Track at GPSies (got a new Garmin Oregon 400t for my old 300; great job Garmin) from me and Jon and pictures from Jon and me at Picasa. Group 2 info here. Sepp's report here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 20 min.
Distance: 27.3 km
Average: 11.7 km/h

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