Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Lake Tour

Lots of fresh air this weekend. Went to lake Constant yesterday and had some fun learning how to drive a boat with the water rescue. Had a journey on their big (14,50m) and modern equipped rescue boot and also in three smaller ones.

Today it was of on to the bikes for a Sunday tour. Left the house at 8min to nine and picked up every “Brandler” on the way. Left the gym at 9.02 and set of to the Vils in Pfronten, cycling through Wank and Kappel on the way. Reaching the Vils Hans took the lead as he is a gebürtiger Pfrontner.
Him and Dad suggested we take a short cut through the Vils down a ramp designed for the diggers, but the rest reclined (of course). Biking along the Vils to Austria the storm clouds were getting numerous again and the wind picked up. Luckily it was a back wind which was driving us forwards.
At one point a small dust devil appeared which fully hit Gabi and shoved me around a bit and got sand in my eyes. Gabi was surprised but nothing else happened. With storm clouds behind us we carried on past paddocks of horses and a pond with some water lilies in it. Uphill for a bit after that but then down a long tarmac road past the Alpsee were I apparently biked over a snake (we still don’t know if it was a grass snake or a viper). Then down an off-road track to the Schwansee for a brilliant view over the castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.
Then for some delicious lunch and after that to the Alatsee were most of us had a swim. The weather had brightened up a lot over lunch so we were once again cycling in sunny conditions. Back on our bikes along a mountain range above the Weißensee and then back through Pfronten home by brilliant sunshine to have an ice. And we had all thought at 10 o'clock today morning that it was going to rain.
Track at GPSies from Dad this time, as my GPS is still in repairs and pictures at Picasa from Dad and me.

Time in saddle: 3 hours 30min
Distance: 54 km
Average: 14.9 km/h

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