Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Breitenberg

Set of today at 18.30 from the gym with plans for cycling up the Breitenberg. It was the longest Day of the year an all in all 17 people in group one peddled towards the Breitenberg. 5 minutes after start we were joined by two who had missed us at the gym. It was of through Kappel (were Jon and I stll got lost) and then uphill through the Achtal. At the bottom of the way up the mountain we had a short break and then shortly after starting s minor crash from one of our guests.
All the way up the Breitenberg with a few rests (Hopsing nearly did it 3x apparently). We lost Matthias on the way as it was his first time cycling this year, but weren’t worried as he had warned us this could happen. At the top long things on and then downhill. First flat tyre from Sebastian just when it started spitting which took about 10 min. to fix. After that I had a flat tyre which took another 10 min. The rest had gone on already so I peddled down with Jon and Hopsing who had helped me fix my tyre.
Along a rocky way which Jon and I bounced through in semi darkness we meet the others at the end. Had lost our two guest but were sure they had continued strait on and set of towards Nesselwang in slight drizzle.
Arrived at the Bistro for a drink and there was a lot of food.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa and from Jon. Report here.

No Track detail as my speedometer broke at some point. According to it I had cycled up the whole mountain in 15min.

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