Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Alpspitz Tour

Picked up Gabi today on my own as Dad wasn't going because of some firm meting and Heidi was doing something else. Gabis thermometer showed the temperature to be at about 13 °C. Also very cloudy sky so it looked like rain.
Meet at the gym as usual and set of on the safe route up the Alpspitze. Safe as in, whenever it starts to rain you are back in Nesselwang quite fast.
After cycling up all the of the Alpspitz we could, and having a chilling wind blow against us, it was of to the Fichtelhütte and then down a step, rocky track. Some managed to cycle down and Jom even managed to fall over whilst walking. A feat nobody has managed to date, I think. And then it was whizzing down the mountain at top speed (always fun) with a few fences in the way. At one point we had to wait for Inge a while to get all her gear on and then we were confronted with a near impossible problem. Try getting past a herd of cows in the road. Sepp managed to do it with lots of jelling and then it was of to the hay hut and after that downhill. We have worked out that Jon beats everyone downhill on tarmac (something about motorbike experience...) but I am perhaps a tiny bit better on stony trails.
Back to Nesselwang along the mountain through a forest were two things happened. One: Jon and me chased a badger for about 100m and two: I nearly shredded Jon's glasses in a marsh with the result of Sepp nearly biking into me.
After that of to Jimmy's for a drink and a talk.
Track at GPSies from Jon, and pictures at Picasa from Jon and me. Report by Sepp here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 10 min.
Distance: 22.9 km
Average: 10.8 km/h

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