Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ski Touring Edelsberg

Have to take full advantage of my rented ski touring gear, as I have to give it back today. It was planned to go with mum today, but as she had an accident I went with someone else.
The ski school 50th anniversary was yesterday and I had a long talk with Sebastian, a fellow ski teacher. He asked if he could tag along with mum and me and as mum didn't go in the end it was just me and him.
Met up at the bottom of the ski lift and took that right up to the top to get away from the piste as fast as possible. We started walking up towards the Edelsberg as a lot of others had done before us so we had a well prepared track to follow. Unfortunatly nearing the crossing between the Alpspitze and the Edelsberg his fur didn't stick to the bottom of the ski. In the end, after many failed attempts to correct it, he carried on without fur. A task which would have completely knackered me. We managed it to the top through a snowed up forest and had something to eat and some tee at the cross. The original plan was to continue over towards Jungholz and then carry on some way but due to the fur not sticking to Sebastian's ski we had to abort that idea. We skied back downhill through a bit of powder snow what hadn't been skied through jet and reached the bottom after loosing and finding a ski. Went over towards the Alpsitzhang and met Karin and Heti up there. Skied down towards Sportheim Böck, had something to drink and went down the Grüne Strich. Was so much fun we went up with the lift and then down another time. I really felt the work my legs had to put into skiing after that.
Carried on down the back to Bayerstetten and skied through the most powder in that day.
Took a lane down to Hanses house and said goodbye to Sebastian before taking the touring skies and heading home.
Some pictures at Picasa and a track at GPSies.

Just after bringing the touring skies back to the rental shop, Wolfi from Water Rescue wrote to me and asked if I wanted to go sledging with them. Thought about it and said yes and back I was again outside, this time in a blizzard which had just arrived. Walked up a ways, had some tee and then sledged down in a few centimetres of new snow.
I was surprised that they asked actually, as they just had finished swimming in the cold Danube for fun.

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