Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ski Touring Buron

Haven’t touched a pair of touring skies in close to eight years, but a load of people I know have been saying how much fun it is. As it is more or less the equivalent of mountain biking in winter I thought I should give it another try as I have been biking for nearly five years now and I tend to get lazy and fat in winter. Skiing doesn't have the same energy consumption as most of the work is done by the lift.
Borrowed a touring set from a rental shop in Pfronten and set of towards the Buron with Dad today. Up to the mast on that mountain with a load of technical stuff in our rucksacks next to tee and clothes. Going up from the bottom we travelled along the piste nearly all the way. Weird, as normally I would take touring skies to go as far away as possible from a piste. Went up and had a first stop after a short amount of time to take some clothes of. Carried on in the track of some tourers in front of us and reached the un-pisted zone after a while. Met Marlene a short ways before, a work colleague of dads having fun in the sunshine on the ski piste. Going up the last stretch took us nearly as long as all of the rest before, due to it being steeper and more powder snow. We helped a man find his ski and got to the top after zigzagging our way up. Had to shovel our way free to get to the electric hut of the mast and whilst dad did all the electrical work inside I had tee and watched the scenery.
We wanted to carry on up to the Blesse after that, but we couldn't see a way to get there. So instead we took our furs of and skied down the piste and back to the car through deep snow. Really good quality equipment I got for that, was very happy with them.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa. Dads blog here.

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