Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sledging Ehrwald

Went out sledging with Wolfi, Franzi and Peter (a work colleague of Wolfi) in the evening. The ski piste in Ehrwald is closed for skiers on Tuesday and Friday and left open for sledging. Arrived there just shortly before the lift opened and where close to the front in getting in. The journey up always takes a while, but we got to the top and set of downhill after a few people had gone already. Peter and Franzi had never been there before, so Franzi tested the piste the first time by going a bit slower. Peter didn't mind that and shot down at 75 km/h on the first run. Small information beforehand, we didn't have the standard sledges with us, but a more race like version. Means these top speeds where possible. Next round he beat that again by another 5km/h. His top speed of the day: 80 km/h.
The piste deteriorated after a short while so it got a bit risky as sledges tend to cause waves like hills in the piste for some reason. Means if you don't pay attention you will fly. I did accidentally sledge in to another person and his shoulder didn't appreciate the contact with my knee. I had felt nearly nothing, but his arm was numb for a bit but got better after some moving around. Sledging was handled a bit more careful after that and we went home after another three runs down as the lift closed after that.
Got home wet and cold but got in to bed which was nice and warm.

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