Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wertacher Hörnle with Detours

A nice sunny Tuesday this week, until about five o'clock in the afternoon. That is when it got a bit overcast, but it was not something to worry about to much, as it was still warm.
Got ready to go of with Nico and came out of the house to find him playing with one of our two cats. Shortly after that we where of towards the Wertacher Hörnle via Grüntensee. On the way to Gschwend I felt like we where going at a snails pace, probably due to the heigh temperatures we have got this week addling with my perception. Round the Grüntensee (meeting Inge and the Oyer bike group on the way). Then through Wertach and round the back towards the Wertacher Hörnle.
Instead of taking the strait way up we took three detours, straying of the path and visiting at leas three different Alms on the way. Lots of cows around as well, although the Alms are closed. Had a short trail along the way, going uphill (generally the wrong way for a trail). I got of at some points, but Nico had his ambitions high, so he tried nearly everything (okay, you have to give up if you have an incline of more than 45 degrees).
Past some farmers and cows and then it was towards the top. Shortly before the Alpe Schnitzlertal my legs started saying I had done enough. Nico shot ahead and waited for me at the Alm where we both had something to drink, eat, put long clothes on and in Nicos case, fix his clicky. As it was getting dark and cold rather fast we forfeited the last 100 meters altitude and turned round.
Downhill along strait tarmac road, getting back to Wertach rather fast. Through Wertach and around the other side of the Grüntensee. My gears started mucking about somewhere there. Getting close to not working at all in the middle sections. Plan to take them to Jon the next day to get them fixed.
Along the side of the Grüntensee until we reached Haslach where we bid each other goodbye. Back home via the Römerbrücke and through Gschwend, for a shower and something to eat.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 3 hours
Distance: 46 km
Average speed: 15.1 km/h

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