Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday "Heuschuppen" + Sorgalm

Set of as usual towards the gym, picking Heidi up on the way. Nice day, a few clouds and a good weather forecast. On the way Karin C. overtook us with no rucksack. We started wondering if she was actually cycling with Group 1 today as she always has a rucksack on her back. Instantaneously after thinking this she turned round and peddled back home to pick it up.
At the gym Group 1 set of towards Pfronten this time, testing a new way past a Heuschuppen which Inge led us to. Last time Heidi and Moni had tried to find it, but were unable to. After that it was a lot of uphill, as we cycled up the back side of the Alpspitze and nearly reached the Herzler Hütte. Along the Alpspitze to Stubenthal and then for a drink at the Sorgalm with Hans, who had just recently had his 25th wedding anniversary. Later, after a few Schnapps, it was back to Nesselwang via Wertach at top speed all in one line.
A nice trip with a lot of Höhenmeter (for me) and some really good views.
Track at GPSies and pictures from Jon and me at Picasa. Group 2 info here. Bericht here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 10 min.
Distance: 34.6 km
Average: 15.8 km/h