Thursday, June 7, 2012

Group 1 Attendants: 1

Arrived at the gym today and was the ONLY Group 1 guy. Never happened to me in my four years there. So I decided to cycle with Group 2 today and it wasn’t bad.
Set of towards Bachtel and on the way Christa lost her light which was found by Hans on the ground. After Bachtel towards Schwarzenberg with nice lighting scenes of an upcoming storm from the west. Before Schwarzenberg I took a tunnel which was full of cow muck and the Group 2 just passed by it over a road. Then from Schwarzenberg towards the Schwarzenberger Weiher, finding some fox cubs on the way. Me being a nature photographer stayed for quiet some time and had to catch up with the rest. Above the lake the boys then went down a trail and the girls took some other route, but we all met up in the end. After that up to Mittelberg along a stream which we first had to look for and then along the Panoramaweg. Could already see the storm coming in from the west but we continued along the top and I somehow directed them wrong. Ended up in taking us further towards the storm. On the way back we had to miss out the M├╝hlbachweg as the sky was growing darker and we could see the rain front bearing down on us. A stop in Feistenoy to get some weather proofs on the rucksacks and then we somehow lost Hans on the way back. Stopped under a bridge wondering were he was and got some raincoats and trousers on. As usual for Group 2 the Sekt came out and whilst having a drink the world vanished in rain. After it had calmed down back through Gschwend home to Nesselwang. Arrived at the Bistro dry and sat all alone at the Group 1 table. Vera ordered a Humpen as she had had her birthday yesterday and it turned out just as I was leaving that Neill had a flat tyre. Still fun.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Neills report here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 29.8 km
Average: 13.9 km/h

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