Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Panorama

Brilliant tour today; best we have had this year, some say.
Started of not looking well as the weather forecast had mentioned rain and there were dark clouds on the horizon. Also got a bit of a cold, but then decided to go anyway (so to not be a wimp). Pact all my rain gear in case of bad weather and then set of. Met at the gym and after a while Gschwend was our first aim. Carried on after that along a farm trail to the Moorweg by Oy. First few curves in the Moorweg we had our first accident. A new biker getting used to the group. Nothing bad happened, so we continued at a fast pace with Inge in the lead. Went around the Moorweg as if we were drunk and then emerged somewhere to then cycle up to Oy.
Started drizzlingly a bit then, but we continued on and were rewarded with a brilliant view along the Panoramaweg. After that it was across to the Elleg and then along the Mühlbach (I think it's called).
With Jon in the lead this time, we had a fast pace along the route with bouncy steps and new bridges. Emerged at the end after an adrenaline filled ride and went back towards Nesselwang and the Bistro for a drink.
Track at GPSies and pictures from Jon and me at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 30km
Average speed: 15km/h

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