Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alpspitze Trail

Set my alarm yesterday to wake me up today at 9.00, but slept right through it. So I asked Dad if he would like to cycle up the Alpspitze with me after lunch. Mum also joined us but she jogged up.
Set of after lunch with blue sky and a mountain to go up. Mum disbanded of her bike at the bottom and more walked than jogged up the mountain as we cycler are so slow. Up we went and had to get of a few times as there were some trees lying in the way. Heard the occasional thunder but thought nothing of it as the sky was blue. Reached the top and had a drink. We then saw what had caused the rumbling as there were thunderclouds in the Alps behind the Alpspitze. Started spitting again but Dad pressed on to the cross. All three reached it and after enjoying the view Mum set of down to the Kombibahn to get a lift down. Dad and I got our jackets on (he had a rain jacket “grumble”), and then set of along a FOOT path to get down. I walked quiet a bit at the top and Dad staid on his bike a lot. I tried three times to cycle and fell off three times. After getting on the fourth time I staid on and we cycled to Bayerstetten and then onwards to Nesselwang to have an ice with Rhiannon. After that we washed of our bikes as we had cycled through mud a LOT and then had a shower. Had a loot of fun coming down and getting spatterd.
Track at GPSies and pictures from Dad and me at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 14.4 km
Average: 6.9 km/h

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