Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dry Storm Cycling

Couldn't decide today if I should or should not go as it had reined frequently today. At the last minute I then packed my things and after picking up the rest of Brand met at the gym. Group 1 was small today as a lot were preparing for their holidays next week or this weekend.
Set of towards Wertach at 18:45 along the Grüntensee by beautiful sunshine. Through Wertach and then along the main road towards Jungholz. All the others biked on the tarmac, but we do have mountain bikes, so I stuck to the trail on the right side.
After that up past an Alm and then along the side of the mountain. We could see storm clouds brewing, so Sepp sugested we take the direct route home. Everybody agreed so we were of to the Stubenthal Alm. Along the way we met Group 2 coming down (with Dad yelling at the front) telling us we were going right towards a storm. Reached the Stubenthal Alm just in time before the storm started. Had a drink (the Alm had specially opened for us) and waited for the storm to pas. After that long clothes on and then whizzing down past the Haslacher Alm and on towards Nesselwang for a drink in the Bistro.
Lucky today as we weren't caught in any mayor weather conditions.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Group 2 info here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 28.3 km
Average: 14.8 km/h

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