Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cycling + Skiing

Skiing today and biking yesterday. Only really possible here and a few other places in the world.

Warm up bike tour round the Grüntensee yesterday with snow still abundant on the mountains. Makes some really interesting views.
Cycled with Dad towards Gschwend first and then further on over the Römerbrücke to Haslach. Of to Wertach where we meet a colleague of his who was also cycling. Whereas we stuck to the tarmac road he cycled on some of road tracks which where covered in snow. Wasn’t that easy apparently. After Wertach it was back toward home and a bath as it still does get cold here in the evenings. Track at GPSies.

Today was of to Schattwald with mum and dad in the morning for a bit of skiing. Brilliant pistes early in the morning which you could really stick to. Went up and down a few times, had a drink and enjoyed the views of the Alps. As dad would say: “shit life” (ironically)

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