Thursday, March 15, 2012

Short Cycle

Just came home from Berufsschule today and as it was bright and sunny outside I thought I'd take a short bike trip round the Grüntensee. Still some snow on the ground, which I will get to later.
Set of, after trying to convince my bro to come with, which didn't work; towards Gschwend. As they are renewing the bridge spanning the Wertach I could cycle on the main road no problem. After Gschwend down into the valley and towards the dam.
Now to the snow bit. As I was cycling through the valley small snow patches appeared on the road, no problem for a mountain bike. Ice is a bit of a different matter and as fate wanted it I slipped on some and came crashing down on a nice ice-stone mix. Received two injuries for that with which I thought I should not carry on round the Grüntensee. Over the dam, past Haslach and back towards Gschwend and home to a shower and to clean my wounds.
Not as planned but here a track at GPSies and a picture at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 25min
Distance: 8,9 km
Average speed: 21,1 km/h

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