Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Bike Tour up Buron

Sunday today. Asked dad if we could do a bike tour a few days before and at 8.30am he was up and waking me up.
Set of at about 9.00am towards Gschwend on a nice sunny morning. After Gschwend to Reichenbach and then up towards the Haslacher Alm. Standing at the bottom of the mountain we were both thinking “up there?”. But after a sweaty time we arrived at the Haslacher Alm. Turned left shortly before it and then got towards the real mountain biking. Slipped at one point and had to get of. Dad also went of the edge shortly and had to correct his direction. Met a few other bikers going up and finally reached the top, but not were I had expected. I thought we were going towards Stubental but we were somewhere on top of the Buron (Reuterwanne I think). Bumpy trip down and I was thinking “no, not my new bike”, but that's what it was built for. Arrived at an Alm were Dad had a coffee and I a cola. Surrounded by mountains and ringing cow bells. Dads saying is quite fitting here “Shit life ;)”.
After that down the side of the mountain where I reached a top speed of 68.7km/h. Dad told me I was mad later as cars sometime come up there. But nothing happened, so carried on towards Wertach and then on the “Hackschnitzel”-trail by the Gr├╝ntensee which is a bit “sticky” on bikes. After that a long straight trail towards Haslach on which we met a lot of other people out on their Sunday walk. Dad suggested it must be very frightening for the people with kids to see two mountain bikers racing towards them.
As a finishing run towards Maria Rein, down the Indianerpfad where we slipped a few times on hidden, wet roots. Towards Hammerschmiede, were we nearly got run over by Jon and his boys out on a cycle tour, and of to home where a nice shower was waiting.
Track at GPSies and dad took a few pictures.
Distance: 29.6 km
Time in saddle: 2 hours 20 min.
Average speed: 12.9 km/h

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