Monday, June 6, 2011

Training for England: Day 1

As I am planing to cycle to England this summer I have to start training to reach England alive. So I downloaded an old track from last year to my GPS last night to have an aim.
Set of today morning at 9.00am, as yesterday and cycled along the Wertachtal to Bachtel. After that I got a bit lost as the GPS said follow a tarmac road, but I didn't want to do that. Instead I set of on a gravel trail, got lost and took a few wrong turns until I had a good lock at the map on my GPS and saw where I had to go. Went back the way I had came a few kilometres and set of down the trail I had intended to find. Followed a nice long trail through the countryside of Allgäu. Was nearly always alone as most of the other bikers where at work and the tourist where still asleep or getting up. Arrived at the Hängebrücke and I saw that instead of the old wood steeps they had now put metal grids over the stream running through the forest. “Wont slip on that” I thought. Wrong, nearly slipped of them strait away and landing on that would have been more painful than on the old wood steeps. Went over the Hängebrücke and had a break at the other end. Cycled up the hill where the farmers have built up gates each 50m or so. Continued along the Siebenseen route until Seeg and after that took another way that was not on the GPS. Surprised I got lost again. Took the wrong turn and ended up above a quarry. So turned around again, went back and turned the right way. Ended up above the Kögelweiher and cycled through Hertingen back home.
A short stop by Jon to get my mudguard fixed on properly again and my chain oiled. Finally went home but on the way I remembered I had forgotten my sun glasses at his workshop. Turned round again and went to pick them up. Then, at last, could go home and have a warm shower.
Nice trails with good views of Allgäu. Pictures at Picasa and trail at GPSies.
Distance: 44.1 km
Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Average speed: 17.1 km/h

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