Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Tour up Alpspitz and down Stubental

After the disastrous cycle ride yesterday I set of up the Alpspitz today. Had half a track in my GPS as I was trying a new route today. Went along the way past Sonnenbichel and then down past the Babylift where I work in Winter. After that the long way up the Alpspitz to Sportheimböck. On the way a few bikers came racing down and one overtook me at top speed going up, but apart from that I only met a few walkers and was by myself the rest of the time. Arrived at Sportheimböck and had a short break before setting of up the steep bit to the top. Before I reached the top turned left towards the Fichtelhütte on the Edelsberg. Last time I had been there, there had been snow on the mountain. Still walked a bit over some big stones, but it was snow free now.
At the Fichtelhütte I had a chat to the owners before setting of down the other side. Got lost somewhere in the forest down there but found my way back to the right track. This is where I needed the GPS as I am not on the south side of the Alpspitz very often. Found my way to the Stubentalalm and got my long clothing on as most of it would now be downhill. Arrived in Reichenbach a bit later after shocking a few walkers on the way down (max. speed: 73.4 km/h). Set of towards the Grüntensee to go around that but got lost again and found myself in Wertachtal heading towards Gschwend. So I didn't go round the Grüntensee but still had a nice ride with a warm shower at the end.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.
Time in saddle: 2 hours 20 min.
Distance: 25.5 km
Average: 11.0 km/h

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