Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wet Biking on New Bike

Nice and wet tour today. But best of all, I could test my NEW BIKE!!! Got it on Saturday and today was the first test on down hilling with disc brakes. Brilliant, really like them.
But first things first. My plan today was actually not to go biking as I am writing my Maths exam tomorrow, but dad told me again and again to get some fresh air and also there was a new bike standing in the garage.
So of we set and picked up Heidi and were joined by Moni on the way to Jon's. Arrived at his workshop and after a short discussion Jon, Christa, Heidi, Moni, Dad and me set of to Maria Trost up on the Alpspitz. On the way up Jon and I got into a discussion about bike technologies (disc brakes, bike circuits) so that time went by and we were soon standing at the crossing to Naddelloch and the top. After Moni turned round due to a headache we carried on to the top of the Winterrodelbahn. Up there it was a quick race down until we turned of into a field. At first I forgot to switch off my “lock out” (Google to know what it is) and then took a wrong turning so I had to turn round and cycle back uphill. In the meantime Dad was taking a picture of Christa bravely cycling down the steep road. Across the field and down toward Bayerstetten in a part-gorge. On the way Jon slipped on some mud but nothing bad happened. In the part-gorge I listened to the usual advice to not pull your front brake if there are big stones right in your way, and there were some. Arrived at the bottom and waited for the rest to arrive. Once again Christa had shown her bravery by cycling down through some big stones which I would probably not have done with my old bike.
After a short brake, down through Bayerstetten and of towards Reichenbach. But didn't turn into Reichenbach and it started drizzling a bit but not to bad.
At the top of the mountain it was completely rain free the only thing wet was the ground.
After Reichenbach we turned right and went towards the dam of the Grüntensee. Over that, through Haslach and then of towards Maria Rain. Before Maria Rein we turned of the road to go down the “Indianerpfad” (last time I had been there I had done a somersault over my handlebars). Arrived at the bottom and again, everybody cycled down. Alongside the stream Jon had another slip accident whilst talking to me and grazed his leg. But not so bad that we couldn't continue. So of we went across the bridge and then left down a pretty bumpy looking trail and after one stop we carried on. In the field we helped a man get a cow back into the field and carried on up past the Wassermühle, through Schneidbach and down towards the ABC. In the car park we said goodbye to Christa and at the green house Jon left the “Brandler” to go home. After a short clean of the bikes at Heidi's we went home to a nice hot shower.
Brilliant on a new bike. Track at GPSies and pictures of Dad and Jon at Picasa.
Distance: 19.3 km
Time in saddle: 2 hours
Average speed: 10.5 km/h

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