Monday, August 26, 2019

Vilser Alm

Got off work today. Wolfgang is having a holiday, so this week is a bit more relaxed. Still have to work later, but not today. Nico had said he would be free on Monday after working the whole weekend and I should be prepared to be shown up by him biking up the Breitenberg. Couldn't let that happen, so I asked him if we should bike up to the Vilser Alm instead.
Set off at just past half past nine with the sun up and blue sky. A few people here and there on our way to Pfronten, but as it was Monday and most states in Germany have finished their holidays, not to much is going on. Nico had a quick call out to a cat in Rebichel, but the cats there don't seem to like him much (was completely ignored again). Further on we tried going around a building site to get to the Vils, but that way was blocked. We ended up biking around the back way of the local supermarket and were back on our track towards the river. Along the river there is a really nice trail to follow, but obviously it is currently down for repairs. Hrmpf, carried on a few hundred metres and then took another bridge back over to the side we wanted to get on.
No signs here and the track following the Vils was brilliant and scenic as always. Reached Vils after crossing the new not-any-more-hanging bridge and started our uphill climb. Nico left me in the dust pretty much immediately (probably the extra 30kg I'm carrying around with me) but waited at a spot. In my memory the first uphill bit was really steep, but I seem to have it in my head wrong. Yes, it's steeper than the rest, but not that bad. Had a sudden call from two meters behind me and before I could do anything, two e-bikers zoomed past left and right of me. Not used to that yet, as even a fit, normal biker would have been heard panting a few metres behind. Passed a clear, tiny lake before we pretty much got to the top and ordered a shandy and bacon sandwich.
After lunch back on to the bikes and down we went. Stopped at the small lake for Nico to freeze his toes off, but it's supposed to be healthy. A husky came up and had a dip, but decided it was to cold, too. Back in the saddle and we zoomed downhill, overtaking people everywhere. Reached the bottom and took the main road pathway back towards Pfronten. Once there we had to pass by DMG (largest firm in the area) to get back on track and then it was a quick run through Rebichel again to Nesselwang.
Track at AllTrails and pictures at GooglePhotos.

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