Friday, August 16, 2019

Falkenstein Mates Biking

After nearly five years, Nico and me managed a good old evening bike tour together. Last time I reckon we had biked to Venice. Nothing as long today, as we started relatively late and the days are getting shorter. After getting ready and the heart-watch up and running I waited a while for Nico to show up. He took a bit longer this time, as his bike hadn't been used in a while and needed the tires inflated once again (and a few other things). The original plan had been to bike to the Alatsee (and maybe swim) but as the sun was already starting to go down and we hadn't even left yet we decided on the Falkenstein instead.
Of to Pfronten some how, as in the past years I have forgotten all the back tracks. Was noticeable, as we took a weird way through Pfronten. I knew that there was a way to get from down town Pfronten up to the Falkenstein past the swimming pool somewhere. I had biked it with the group at some point (yea, yea, was probably six years ago or something like that). Managed to get up via a staircase next to the swimming pool and then followed the road up to the old castle and hotel near to it. Took a while getting up, but it was at a nice pace and the both of us could have a bit of a chat.
Reached the top and got our warm things on nearly instantly. The sun had gone down and it was cooling down rapidly. After a picture and some food, back down in the dusk. Reached the bottom and with Nico's bike armed with a light we navigated through Pfronten to Rebichel and the fog covered fields back to Nesselwang, where a warm shower was waiting. Nico still had the steep hill up to Maria Rain to look forwards to, though.

Track at GPSies.

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