Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mishmash Backwards Seven Lakes Adventure

Had a relatively short day at work today, but for some reason it felt like it had dragged on. I was back at home early at three in the afternoon and just as I had sat down, Nico texted if I wanted to go for a bike ride. At first I declined, as I still had some stuff to do in Kempten, but after receiving a sad smile face I relented (more or less thought “screw it, biking will help today”).
So after Kempten and pre-cooking dinner Nico showed up just after six. The weather was a bit weird, with clouds hanging around the whole day, looking like it was going to pour down any moment. But it had held the whole day, so I didn't have the rain gear on immediately. The next problem we faced was where to go. Originally Nico suggested up the Vilstal to Jungholz and back through Wertach. But considering the weather and the time of day it was, we judged that we would be back in the dark again, so we ended up doing a mish-mash, backwards seven lakes tour. Passed through Rebichel first of, where Nico tried to pet an (uncooperative) cat. Next, I really wanted to see the Schlossweiher but after that Nico pretty much had the say on where to go. Tried nudging him along somewhere else a few times, but he won out in the end (only cause I lost at a game of rock, papers, scissors whilst we were on the road).
Biked past the Schwaltenweiher and I pet a few calf's, before a donkey eaad so loud somewhere that Nico nearly fell off the bike.
Back to Nesselwang via the Atlesee and in to a hot shower.

Track at AllTracks and pictures at Google Pictures.

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