Thursday, November 5, 2015

YHA & Mum arriving

Yesterday was pretty much spent just with working. Sorting through the tons of pictures I have made since leaving Reds and getting some of the timelapses rendered. I got a heap of movies of another guy out of the dorm, so I spent the evening relaxing whilst watching a movie. Then trying to sleep, but I had a guy under me who snored, spoke, farted and coughed nearly all night long, so it was difficult.
In the morning up to get packed and ready to leave the Youth Hostel. Mums coming to Alice Spring today, so I got ready to pick her up, Getting some breakfast I watched a few Aboriginals break out in a fight and a policeman had to intervene. After that I had some time to spare, so I went of to the company that Barton mentioned to see if they had any jobs. Talked to the overseer, and he with regret told me they have none at the moment themselves, but others are looking everywhere. Apparently Alice has got lots of work but not enough people to work. They wrote down a few names and actually a short while later I got a call from another company asking if I wanted to have a try with them. Unfortunately they start the next day and I am spending the week with mum, so I had to say no to that. Then off to the airport to pick up mum. I waited a while for her plane to come and after months of not seeing her she walked out on the other side of the planet. Had a chat whilst driving back and found the hotel we are staying in after a ride around Alice. Went out to dinner and had a massive burger whilst I caught up on the news in Nesselwang and told mum how things are in Oz. Shopped some things before going back to hotel and get some washing done. In the end the washing machine didn't work, but I somehow managed to get a job offer from a guy that works as a removalist. See how that ends, thought.  

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