Friday, November 6, 2015

Royal Flying Doctors Service & Reptiles

Had the nicest sleep that I have had in a long time. First time I have found a cover that is long enough for me. Got up to have some breakfast and then headed of to the tourist info to get some information in on what to do in Alice for the day. The following days will probably be spent around the area and not in Alice Springs itself. They had a few things, but after some questioning mum booked a balloon flight for us in the morning the next day above the McDonnell Ranges to see the sun rise.
After that I took a short time of as I had got a phone call from the company I visited the day before that mentioned they might have something. I'll be on a trial first of all, as I don't have a clue if I can handle work in the heat of the Outback or maybe even the desert. Talk went well, so I'll see if I can handle the work.
After that we had some lunch in a Subway. It was pretty packed and on the way I met the guy I had seen in Port Augusta, Australia is a small country. After dinner we went of to see the Royal Flying Doctors Service Museum, as mum has had a profound interest in them for a while. We watched a hologram about how they came about and had a stroll through the museum afterwards. Then we had a look at a Reptile House at all the snakes we want to avoid in the Outback (including Nr. 1: Inland Taipan aka Fierce Snake). Pretty lively in there, they where moving around a lot. Held a python, but he didn't seem to mind.
Then some shopping for healthy veggies and co. and back to the hotel for a dinner. I wanted to see the sunset on Anzac Hill, but my internal clock was still set to Adelaide time and we got up to late. Had a look at Alice at night and then went back to write this blog and get some sleep for early in the morning.  

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