Tuesday, November 10, 2015

McDonnell Ranges Gorges

Woke up earlier than usual, as seems to be normal in the tent. Some of the others had already left. Got up and packed up the tent before having some of the rice and baked beans left over from yesterday whilst mum had some cereals. After that playing tetris with the boxes of the car again. Everything was stored as planned and we set of back towards Alice Springs with all the time in the world to explore the gorges riddling the side of the McDonnell Ranges. The first one we came to wasn't that far from the road and we went and had a look at the Ochre Pits. The Aboriginals used to use it as a medium to trade and paint themselves so if you remove any of it you can pay a fine of up to 5000$. Being the tourist we are we took a few pictures and then left the place just as a small bus pulled in. Seems like the tourist time has started.
Carried on along the road to a place called Ellery Creek. I had heard from the Dutch guy I had met in Coober and then in Alice again that you can go swimming there so we went to the Creek/Gorge with swimming stuff packed. And good that we did. Of the whole tour that would have most likely been the best thing to visit. The water was fresh but you got used to it after a while. Really nice for me to swim in something akin to a lake after over a year of not doing so. We met a couple with their baby there too, who were both enjoying the time before all the tourists come by later. Both of them commented on there being no shortage of jobs in Alice after hearing I would be working there (maybe). Both had moved there as you earn much more than in any coastal town, but you have to get used to the heat. After swimming to the other end of the gorge and getting some really nice pictures we carried on towards Alice. 
We didn't do much on the last run to Alice Springs, except visit the Desert Park which is a type of zoo in Alice. Got some animals in there that don't exist in the wild anymore and the usual kangaroos, emus and snakes. Mum got to see her first emu and close ups to some kangaroos. Finished of the visit by watching a birds of prey show, similar to Banham Zoo in England.
After that back to the hostel in Alice Springs, a chat with the hostel owner Brian and an ice cream.

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