Sunday, December 28, 2014

First Alpspitze Skiing

Finally it has snowed, as it should in winter. And luckily not just a bit but a lot. A load of traffic jams, car accidents and so on have happened in the area with all the tourists coming to us to ski. And to think we are so lucky and just have to walk for quarter of an hour to get to the lift. Daniel and me left early so we would arrive before most of the people. In the end we where the first on the lift and the first on the piste. Also the first to notice that the piste was full of snow cannon snow. It basically means “snow that will cause an accident due to sudden deceleration”. After we both got down all covered in snow we went right to the top and started of with the real fun of going into powder snow. We spent an hour up there going down next to the piste most of the time.
Once we noticed that there where to many people there we walked back home.
Finally winter is here and it still hasn't stopped snowing.

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