Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Biking

Merry Christmas everyone. Weather wise it is absolutely sh**t here at the moment. Normally you would expect the Alps to be covered in a few metres of snow, but once again not this year. Third year in a row by now. Last year Dad and I managed to go skiing in tolerable conditions in Oberstdorf, but even they have no snow this year.
So we got our bikes out in 3°C. I picked up dad on the way and after we had got ourselves dressed up warmly set of up towards Sportheim Böck. Had to get rid of one layer of clothes at the bottom already, as we where sweating and the rest was spent biking up and talking about the world. Once we came out in to the open we where nearly blown over by strong winds, but we powered on. To top that we got some snow a bit over the middle station, but it luckily was only a few centimetres deep. Our tyres had no problem. Reached Sportheim Böck and got a Glühwein and some goulash soup to warm up.
Got everything on we had for the way down and we acctually didn't freeze on the way down. The wind had picked up and was throwing snow in our face, but not to much. Met Caro on the way up and had a small chat. All these weird Turnverein people going biking on Christmas day in rainy conditions. Had a stop in the Explorer hotel for a coffee and then went home for a shower and some turkey later. 
Pictures at Picasa, track at GPSies and Dads blog here

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