Thursday, October 2, 2014

Last Thursday Biking

Last Thursday biking today. The days are getting to short now, so even when we start biking at 6 PM we tend to get back in the dark. So it was agreed that this would be the last “official” Thursday biking for Group 1.
Only four of us today. Heidi, Inge, Moni and me. We set of towards the Haslacher Alm via Bayerstetten, as the weather in that direction looked rather sunny, compared to the clouds pulling in from the east. Going up towards the Haslacher Alm we had some very good light for pictures and looking towards the Alpspitze we saw that it was covered in clouds. That would have been option two, luckily we took option one. Nearly at the Haslacher Alm Moni decided to turn round, as she wasn't felling to well and had been ill over the past few days. So the three of us continued on. Nearly at the top we had to go around some lumberjack machinery and tried to get up a steep bit near the end. We all tried twice, but only Heidi and Inge managed. My front wheel had no ground contact any more on both occasions, so I walked the last few metres. Then down the mountain on a slippery tarmac road and then through Wertach an up the Elleg for a bit. The sky had darkened considerably so going down the Naturwanderweg which has wet wood roots proofed to be challenging. Then the fastest way home via the Römerbrücke with our lights on. Came home and after a shower stayed up rather late, as Dad was having his birthday party at home.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

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