Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 1: Nesselwang - Seefeld

Biking started today, of to Venice with Nico. Said we would meet at 8.30 AM, so after stuffing and repacking my rucksack several times we set of at about 8.50 AM. First stop was Jon's, as I had to bring back a GPS I had taken. After that we where of towards Pfronten, weather being a superb blue sky. Through Pfronten and then down the Vilstal where we were complained at by two people that we where biking next to each other (they where walking next to each other). Along the valley until we nearly reached Reutte and past the Hahnenkamm ski resort (are there in winter a lot). They had floods in the area, so we saw some forests underwater. Carried on with the mountains getting bigger and higher. Then came the first uphill part, underneath the Ehrenberg castle. No forest track uphill, it was through mud and across fields we went. Even got stuck sometimes. Had to bike along the main road for a short bit but we where lucky in that regard that we got a car-dead zone. Saw a lot of trekking bikers in that area as well. We got somewhat lost around the back, as we where supposed to bike over the main road, using a bridge that wasn't there, but ended up going under the road and under a train track.
After that it was around the Plansee, with our first weird action being to bike through the water next to a bridge. Nico's comment: no risk, no fun. My right foot was wet for the rest of the day. Carried on along the shore after that little experience and had a short break before continuing along the side. Saw a bridge with a few people jumping if into the water.
After that was where the fun really started. Along a very long trail following the edge of e water with lots of small ups and downs, roots and stones. Basically a super trail run for a very long time. Nearly never had to get of and most of the walking people where friendly. Reached the end of that after spending a lot of energy on the trail but getting everything back in fun.
Took a wrong turn but noticed my error in time to turn round and take the valley down to Garmisch. Overtook and later where followed by two elderly men, but lost theme somewhere on the way. Reached Garmisch after 73 km and both had the same lunch (a huge cheese and bacon baguette) in a restaurant, which was needed badly.
After lunch a long uphill run, seeing the ski jump area and nearly running over a man (his fault, he was standing in the road and cars don't gave bells to ring, so quit complaining). Had a short stop where we would have turned left to Melanies (a friend of Nicos) but as she was not home we carried on right to Mittenwald. Did a detour through a field but ended up back at the main road. Followed that until Mittenwald and biked towards Scharnitz, passing through a tightly packed pedestrian zone (dodge left, dodge right). After going out of the way of some lumberjacks we reached Scharnitz and as we nearly had 100km carried on. We passed the 100km somewhere between Scharnitz and Seefeld and I got photo proof. Unfortunately, to get to Seefeld, we had a long uphill run, but we reached it after some time. I had wondered if we would find a place to stay, should not have been worried. I'd be surprised if there is a house that doesn't offer accommodation. Found one after a bit of an extended search as we weren't sure if any place had room and they don't hang up signs here. Looked our bikes in a shed and then had a shower where you could choose between hot and hotter.
Went into town for an evening meal and came back to write the blog and get some sleep.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 7 hours 18 min.
Distance: 110.02 km
Average speed: 15.07 km/h

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