Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year Geocaching

Was planning on doing nothing today and ended up playing a bit of PC with Marty. Nico rang up a short while afterwards and asked if I wanted to do a Geocache. I agreed after some persuading as the sun was shinning, so Nico, Marty and me met up at Nicos. Drove towards Betzigau and started a Multicache in the Kemptner Wald. Walked for a few Kilometres and stopped at a wood igloo to look for a normal Cache. Found it after a while of searching and continued along our Multicache.
The clues ended up being on a few modern art structures in the forest. Had to go back near the end, as we had worked out one wrong. By the time we were ready to add up all the clues and find the cache it was already to dark to proceed, so we called it a day (or more like an evening, as the moon was out at that time). After a long walk back to the car in a dark forest, with only a graveyard missing we went back home to get warmed up.

Will continue looking for the Multicache on another day and the one we found is described here.  

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