Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 First Biking

First time biking today. Rummaged around the garage until I found my bike which had been there since September. Pumped up the tires, looked for some chain oil (none in the house, of course) and then set of with Nico to somewhere.
Went past Jon's first, to see if he was still open and had a few drops of oil. Stood in front of his door at 18.12 o'clock and he closed at 18.00. But as the chain wasn’t that bad I went on without oil. Biked towards and through Wertachtal chatting with Nico along the way and took some backtrack trail up towards Schneidbach. Nico got further than me, but had to get of at some point as further up we noticed there were a few planks of wet wood on the ground.
After that along the typical 7 lake route, but got lost a few times and found another small lake. I got my bearings somewhere near the Atlesee again and as we still had some time left we took the route around the Kögelweiher and along a trail past the Gehzeitenweg, where we looked at an upside down world. Back towards Nesselwang with the sun setting in the west and a chat with Nico at the swimming pool before it was of towards home.
Track at GPSies (and my bum hurts)

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