Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Thursday Biking

First time group biking this year, and to be honest I was a bit afraid. They had had three weeks of training whilst I had been stuck in school in North Bavaria. But it turned out to be brilliant again.
Lots of people there today and at quarter to seven Group 1 set of with eleven people. First it was towards Pfronten along the old main road through Kappel and then through some hamlets of mentioned town. Up along a steep part at the side of the Kiemberg which, according to Inge, had a gradient of 21°. After that along a new forest trail, with Sepp having the first flat tire in the season.
After that downhill and then along the Vils on one side. Had to cross a small trickle of water which Inge had mentioned before (as she had said it we thought we were going to bike through a ragging mountain river).
At one point we crossed the river and then went back along the Vils towards Pfronten. After attaching our lights, whoever had one, it was back to Nesselwang through Kappel, watching the full moon rise over the mountains. There was a partial eclipse at about 10.00 PM, just after we arrived at the Bistro.
Track at GPSies and pictures from Sepp here (my sister has my camera now).

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 32.6 km
Average speed: 15.9 km/h