Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nesselwang Powder Skiing

Skiing today, for a short time. And SUPER conditions. As I have been ill for two weeks now I haven't been ski teaching in that time, but for one hour of skiing in powder snow I was healthy enough (grin).
At the piste and up the lift at 9.30 with dad, just as the sun was peeking out through the snow clouds. Down the “Grüne Strich” on the first round, with one meter of powder. Met Paul on the way down and went after him. Dad had a crash and lost both skis. Went up again and had a brilliant downhill run through the forest. Went up again a few times with Paul, while dad had a coffee in the Enzianstüble. A few crashes here and there in powder snow were fine, hit a tree stump at one point (buried under the snow).
Paul went to the Neunerköpfle after that and I nearly went with him, but had pulled something in my leg so declined this time.
Had a brilliant one hour run in Nesselwang.

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