Tuesday, January 22, 2013

St. Anton Skiing

Skiing at St. Antons today. Extra took a day of work to enjoy the winter in a big ski resort.
Set of at 7.03 (3 minutes late!) and went along motorways and normal road until we reached St. Antons, after a short stop on the way. Had problems finding a car park, as the last time dad was here it wasn’t hidden behind meters of snow and disguised as a bus park.
After buying the tickets it was up the mountain and down for the first round. A bit cloudy and us being so high up were in the thick of it. Had problems seeing the snow texture, but got down with only one crash. Then right to the top, somehow getting there with a few lifts and a high up cable car. I didn't notice it was that far up until I saw it after the clouds had lifted later. But arriving at the top we still had cloud cover, which ended badly. Not seeing a hill in the deep snow dad went flying over his skies, straining his ankle because the bindings didn't open. Went up and down a few times and had lunch in the “Ulmer Hütte”. After that somehow down again, me not having a clue were to go and sending us down the wrong track at one point. Going up after that we went along a ski track, not a piste. Really empty, compared to the rest, and far of into the mountainside. Lots of lumps and mum had a crash at one point, but not a bad one. Steeply down a long lumpy stretch of snow, me going of the side of a cornice and lots of brilliant views of the slowly sun lighted mountains.
After that dad said his leg was aching really badly and he had to stop. After an disorganised downhill trip, with dad ending up at the car, me at the bottom of the lift and mum somehow at the top, I went back up. Meting mum, we went up once again after which she went down the piste and I took another round down the ski track, alone. Super views once again, but I couldn’t concentrate on those to long, as I went down the long lumpy stretch a lot faster than last time. Arriving at the bottom to go back up and meet mum, the whole piste was blocked. The mountain rescue team had closed of a complete access point to a lift, as someone had been injured and was lifted out of the forest area with a winch by helicopter.
Then back up and the last run down, on icy pistes, and of towards home after changing into normal clothes. Stopped at McDonald's on the way back for an evening snack.
Track at GPSies and Dad's blog here.

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