Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nauders Day 3

Alarm started ringing at 7.15 again today. Found out we were having breakfast at 8 o'clock and went back to sleep again. Jon woke us up about half an hour later and we went and had a hearty breakfast.
At 9 o'clock it was back on the bikes and of to helibike. Said goodbye to Group 1 at the bottom of a lift and took a short cut uphill. Crammed together in one cabin Group 1.5 took the lift up (Jon, Moni and me). At the top a photo stop with cows and Moni biking through a river four times. Travelled across a marsh between Austria and Italy with some anti-tank defences. Nice trails with small bridges over streams and to the end a spectacular view over the lake with snowcapped mountains behind. Only really seen that scenery in computer games before.
After the marsh, downhill through forests and across rock slides. Had a flat tire at one point, sounded like a plastic bag had caught in my back wheel somewhere, but was only the air coming out. Pushed it down to where Moni and Jon where waiting and put on a new tire. Then along the lake, after waiting to cross a road for minutes. Went rather fast and I adjusted my back gears as they had some problems. On to the next lift after that and uphill a loot. Had a coffee stop at the top and then continued along a trail for lumberjacks after I had had a slide down some ring-slide. First uphill stretch after that and it went up to a hotel called "nice and flat". Don’t really believe that. Whizzed downhill and had a lunch brake on a field with a short nap afterwards. Watched a e-mtb steam uphill and set of up the last stretch to an Alm. Lost Moni in a calc hole at one point but got her out again. Downhill along some root forest trails and some un-bikable downhill stretches to the green lake. Had a rest and biked on to the black lake with even worse roots. Jon went down most of the way, but only because he couldn't stop. Jon contemplated about going into the lake but decided against it and we carried on to Nauders. Nearly crashed into Jon taking pictures of old tractors and carried on to Nauders for a bath to wait for Group 1 and Group 2. Had an ice when they arrived and then a nice dinner with a very entertaining game of UNO later.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Report and everybodys pictures here.

Time in saddle: 3 hours 20 min.
Distance: 41,6 km
Average speed: 12,3 km/h

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