Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nauders Day 1

Biking in Nauders for four days now.
Started by driving there in three cars and having a stop with bacon and eggs for breakfast. Arrived in Nauders at 9.15 with cloudy mountains and grey mood. Weren't sure if we were going to bike or not, so we got settled in our bedrooms after unloading the cars. At 11 o'clock the weather looked better so we set of on our first tour. Group 1 had already planned a bigger trip whilst Group 2 settled for something flatter. Going uphill at first, a few seconds after Jon had said we were going downhill at first, we saw first remnants of snow high above us. Then downhill were everybody went down the first trail except me, who took a short cut down the main road. Capturing them on their way out we headed on further downhill, where I also went down the next trail. Over a river and down a stony path, we overtook Group 2. Nearly everybody without mudguards complained as their backs and bums were wet and dirty. At the bottom it was across the boarder into Switzerland and then strait uphill. I thought I could keep up with the front at first, but my energy ran out pretty soon. The weather had been getting better and better and the sun was out with a few clouds. Going uphill a Group 1,5 was evolving again, consisting of Jon, Moni and me. With a few stops we were getting nearly above tree level again and the views were getting better and better. First view of the hut shortly afterwards and a high mountain scenery until there. At the hut first thing to do was refill the water with fresh, cool mountain water. Then lunch with pasta and apple cake and two friendly sheep, which chewed Heidi's rucksack. After admiring the view down to Nauders it was a race downhill with a fence and Jon doing a jump behind Hopsing. Past a waterfall by a big rock and after that through a Swiss town. After a bit more downhill along the Inn back to going uphill what we had gone downhill in the morning. After a lot of curves with Hopsing chasing other bikers we had a drink at the Norbertshöhe and after that back to Nauders. Fixed my bike then, as it needed a new tire, and had a shower before dinner.

Tracks at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Report and everybodys pictures here.

Time in saddle: 3 hours 40 min.
Distance: 37,5 km
Average speed: 10,2 km/h

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