Friday, September 7, 2012

Nauders Day 2

Woke up because of dads alarm ringing at 6.05. Lay in bed until 7.15 and then got up to have some breakfast, scrambled eggs etc.
At 9.00 o'clock it was of on our bikes and nearly strait away up a trail. Just joking about Inge being at fault if our bikes got dirty as she wanted to do the trail the most, and went strait into some muddy puddles. Carried on, my camera batteries empty at one point, with great views over to where we biked yesterday. Moni was a bit ill but listened to Jon (stupidly) and took of a lot of clothes of, but put them on again later. Downhill along forest trails evading a lorry and a car. Near the bottom we went through a tunnel chiselled out of the mountainside, which Group 2 had biked through the day before, not seeing a thing. Along the Inn after that, me trying to send Jon over a pipeline which looked like a suspension bridge. Didn't work and lost Inge in a town, but she caught up again after about 5 min. Continued on along an artistic stretch of forest where people had created objects out of wood and stone. Me and Jon being the only ones stopping and taking pictures.
After that it was uphill through the brilliant Val d'Uina valley. A wild river flowing down the middle I nearly fell over a small edge but got of fast enough. The girls did a small pee stop and then we meet up with Group 2 and had a small chat. Group 1 continued on for another half an hour after which we had our lunch stop. Group 2 passed again shortly after. Starting again it was further uphill with a car overtaking us, surprisingly. At the last hut before the cut out trail two hunters where loading up three stags onto a truck which had been shot and then lifted out by helicopter to the Alm. Once again overtook Group 2 having a drink at the Alm and then some pushing uphill to the cut out trail. Jon lagged behind a bit and I waited and we got some good pictures of the valley. About a mile strait down, at which Jon was so shocked of his own picture he took a step back. Continued on and caught up to the group at the top, dodging another group of bikers on their way heading down. Reaching the top of the valley we were greeted with high mountain landscape and blue sky. At first we wanted to press on to the Sesvennah├╝tte but ended up stopping on the way for a short rest and energy resupply. As Sepp said "streng Katholisch" as the women were on the left side and the men on the right of a small stream eating something. After that it was Karin and Inge which cycled nearly all the way, getting of every 10m to walk for a few and get on. Heidi tried sometimes, falling over at one point, but the rest pushed mainly. Arrived at the hut a bit later, looking over to the Ortler, the highest mountain in the area with nearly 4000m and a snow topped cap. Had a drink with a donkey and goats standing nearby and the headed of downhill. Jon, Inge and me biked nearly everything and passed a beautiful waterfall on the way down. Shot past a lot of walkers and dog owners (some complained) to bike right past our track. Took a short cut through a field and ended up back on it. Lost Hopsing a while later as we turned left on to a half hidden path but he caught up again in the end. Along an overgrown forest trail with views over the valley it was downhill to Burgeis. Jon, Moni and me took it back to Nauders while the rest if Group 1 carried on. In Nauders we unloaded it rather fast and then picked up Group 2 in a town near Burgeis. Drove them back home and met Group 1 again and had dome delicious dinner.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Report and everybodys pictures here.

Time in saddle: 5 hours
Distance: 48.2 km
Average speed: 9.8 km/h

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