Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cloudy Hängesteeg

Today saw a bit of a convoluted sort of plan. About one and a half weeks ago I started my new job for the summer (more or less a glorified lawnmower, but pay is good) and have been rather knackered after every day. I had told myself over and over again the last few weeks that I have to get back in to biking and looking at a few of the old blog entries, I was hyping up my motivation (and depression) about how much I had biked five years ago. So yesterday I agreed to bike to Brian for a cuppa with mum later in the day. Waking up in the morning the sky was overcast and I wasn't to sure if it would hold until the evening. And as biking up the Elleg usually isn't to much off a workout I decided to go biking in the morning and then in the afternoon to Brian's with mum.
So, got the bike and me ready and then it was off to the Hängesteeg. Haven't been there in years (duh!) and remember it being a rather nice bike with lots of different views (and I don't think I'll manage the Alpspitze yet). About a kilometre down the road I stopped and put on my warm jumper as the wind was proving rather chilly and it was only going to get colder in Wertachtal. Along the Wertach jumping over puddles and splashing through mud and towards the Bischhofstein. The actual path along the Wertach at the Stich turn-off had been “closed” (one, not official looking sign) to the public because of a landslide, but I carried on anyway. Further along I found out that the landslide had been cleared.
At the Bischhofstein I then turned up towards Wildberg and was in for the longest climb. Didn't turn out to bad as I still was fresh and zoomed up before biking through the hills around Wildberg to the Hängesteeg. Getting down to the Hängesteeg was interesting, though, as the metal ramps were extremely slippery. Managed with only a small slide here and there and carried on up to the main road towards Rückholz, getting cheered on by a family walking along the same track.
Once at the main road I followed a short detour to Rückholz that usually takes you on the Sieben Seen tour and after that through Hirschbühl around the back of the Rückholzer Steig and over the motorway. Back in to Nesselwang through Schneidbach and happy to be home as the last five kilometres had my legs and stamina slowly going down.
In the evening the weather still didn't look to much better and I had come down with a slight cough, so I asked mum if we could drive instead of biking.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Google.

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