Thursday, April 4, 2019

First Time Biking after Four Years

So after a Winter of ski instructing, spring has shown up again (sort of, snow is predicted for later tonight again). This means the bikes can come out again and this year I have another piece of technology I want to test out. It is by no means new, but I've never used one before. I'm talking about a heart rate monitor that you can wear whilst doing sport. Rather a lot of people around tend to use them and mum had one lying around she hasn't used in years. Not for lack of sport on her part though, it's just the watch is a technological difficult thing to use it would seem (took me a few hours to get it sorted out) and it does to much of which she doesn't need.
Anyway, bike out and ready. Long things on straight from the start. The warm weather from the sun over the past few days has passed and the condition has swung around to being overcast and three degrees. Originally I had wanted to bike around the Gr├╝ntensee, but a short run on an open flat section changed my plan to biking along the wind protected Wertachtal. Heart rate monitor working fine, not uncomfortable or anything and it is really interesting to see what your heart is doing. According to all the graphs and tests I'd done before, I'm a rather healthy individual, although I don't feel like it. Once up and out of the valley the temperature dropped due to the wind blowing occasional. In Stich I turned of to Maria Rain and planned to go back down in to Wertachtal, but that way is closed due to logging as I found out at the church. Carried on along the main road over open field with every part of me getting colder. Crossed the Wertachtal bridge with not to much traffic going on and returned home to get all the data out of the computer to see how I did.
Track at GPSies.

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  1. Hey Max. Nice to read about you. I hope I find lots of new cycling routes. Have fun.