Monday, May 30, 2016

Shopping in Melbourne

Awoke in the morning with another cold head and warm body. Can't wait to get to warmer climate, but I was in the hostel for another night, as I had a few things to get in Melbourne.
As it turned out I had been pretty lucky. I'm in a ten bed dorm and the door is left unlocked most of the time as we are so many in here. The housekeeper said that sometime around two a clock in the night a guy had broken open the front door and proceeded to a room with two people sleeping in it and stolen their laptops. All my gear was under my bed, but luckily our room door was locked and he didn't come in to our room.
Shortly after I looked up all my stuff in a heavily paddlocked locker and went to buy a couple of things. Drove around and didn't have a clue where I was going. I gave up after a while and just went on a road leading me out of the city. Somewhere where the shopping centres at least have parking spots is what I was locking for. Found one in Heidelberg. No, I didn't drive to Germany. Apparently there are quite a few German named settlements throughout Australia, as a lot of Germans came here at one stage.
Got all my gear and just had a drive around to look at things, after which I headed back to the hostel to get all the pictures, videos and blogs sorted out of the last couple of days.
In the evening I got talking to all the more permanent resident of the hostel. Rather a lot of English people and all were working in Melbourne somewhere. No one believed me that I was German, but up until now everybody thinks I'm from the UK. Sometimes it's fun messing with people, especially Germans, when I say I'm from England and then speak fluent German. Perks of being bilingual.
We watched a few episodes of American Horror Story until the TV automatically switched of at 10.30PM. Then we watched CCTV footage of the robber from the night before sneaking around the place and stealing two laptops. The crass thing, one of us backpackers got up and had something to eat whilst he was in another room.

Subsequently, the security has been tightened (a bigger door) and everyone is a bit more careful about their stuff. Slept alright, though.  

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