Tuesday, May 31, 2016

First View Australian Alps

The day I finally got to see some mountains again. As in mountains that are similar to the Alps, appropriately named the “Australian” Alps. But first of I had to leave Melbourne.
Getting out of bed was difficult enough, as the air temperature was somewhere around the 2°C and the bed was so warm. Mid-morning I got myself out and packed up all the stuff I had and took it to the car, after which I returned the parking permit and door keys. Said goodbye to everyone and met an American guy, Jeff, in the doorway. Ended up giving him a lift down a couple of streets to his new logging and then left Melbourne for now. Getting out proofed hairy enough again (spaghetti) but I got out in the end. Had some pies in the outskirts and was then already in hilly country. Stopped a few times to get pictures and at one point I decided to do a timelapse. I haven't touched my DSLR in nearly six months, so I was all up for it again. Travelling seems to give me more opportunities to photograph, too. Got the camera all set up, inserted the intervalometre and then noticed the battery on that was flat (arrrgg², what have battery's got against me recently?).
The next town wasn't to far away, being Healesville, a town on the border of the Australian Alps. Got my battery's there and then set of in to the mountains. 
Being in “civilised” Australia, I thought all the mayor roads would be sealed. Nope, got on to the C505 and it turned to dirt road rather fast again. It was nice, though. Small, windy road through the mountains. Trees and streams all around you and the autumn coldness just reminded me of home again. In that moment I had really wanted to get on a mountain bike again and just bike up the mountain instead of driving. Met a few cars coming the other way, but you could count the amount of cars I met on the “official” dirt road on one hand. At one point I put in an hours stop for a timelapse I was looking forward to doing and had a play around with the GoPro whilst that was going on.
Completing the timelapse, I then continued on to the top of Mount Donna Buang. Had far views of where I am heading and where I had come from. The skyline of Melbourne was just distinguishable in the distance. Shortly after I hopped back in to the car and drove to the nearby town of Warburton. I had just missed the tourist info closing and Google Maps didn't spit any backpacker hostels out, so in the end I crashed in a cheap hotel and got to editing all the days worth of data. Slipped in a shower and froze. Nice hot water, but cold autumn climate and concrete floor don't mix well.

In the evening I went down to see if anybody way about and have a beer. Only two locals playing pool, so I ended up having a chat to the barman. According to him the season for them had just finished, so it was to be forgiven that the area looked a bit like a ghost town. Just before bed I then enjoyed my first time YouTubable internet in a while.  

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