Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend 8.3 and 9.3

A weekend well spent, that is what I can say for sure about this one.
Saturday started off with doing all the business that has to be done on a weekend (buy shopping, take the wertstoff, …), all in a SMART. Dads car is currently being washed, so he got a car from the company to keep him going. One of the smallest on the market.
The afternoon was spent with taking pictures. Went our with Nico and Markus to a near landing field, taking pictures of starting and landing planes. Back home, before the cold set in to play a few rounds of PC before going to bed.
Next morning 8 o'clock, skiing. Mum, Dad and me of to the Neunerköpfle. Had to wait a bit at the beginning but once we where at the top, we had super snow conditions. Carved down the mountain wonderfully and took a detour down an iced up hump slope. Stopped for a drink with the beautiful Alp scenery and after one more round headed home.
Afternoon saw me grilling with my water rescue colleagues at our lake. Super company and loads of fun.
So the weekend sums up to: new car, photographing, skiing and grilling. All in all a brilliant combination, especially as we have had nothing but blue sky and sunshine (spring weather).
Dads blog info here.

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