Sunday, March 30, 2014

Foresty Hängebrücke

Bright sunny day today, as has been most of the week.
The day yesterday consisted of lots of driving, as Dad had some business to conduct. Drove to a few people, had chats and took pictures from a mast.
Sunday saw me actually planning a few PC game session with some friends, but as one went of biking (I didn't go with him as he lives a bit away and he was going with some colleagues) and the other had some internet connection problems I ended up with time on my hands. Dad had just gone of with Jon to do some race biking and mum was of with Gertrude, walking around a lake. I just then decided to take my bike and go of somewhere, no clue where. Set of down Wertachtal and met a bunch of other people walking, biking, sitting by the river, etc. Reached Wildberg after some uphill biking and continued on to the Hängebrücke. Met Tobi and Mellisa at her house (two water rescue colleagues of mine) and had a small talk before carrying on along between green fields and white mountains. Reached Wertach and bike a part of the Seven Lakes backwards, through Hirschbühl and Schneidbach before (by chance) meeting up with Dad, Jon, Mum and Gertrude at the ice café. Had a small ice and the went back home to a shower.
Pictures at Picasa and a track at GPSies.

Time in saddle: 1 hour 35 min.
Distance: 24.2 km
Average speed: 15.4 km/h

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