Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Falkenstein

Out cycling in brilliant spring weather today. Mountains still got snow on them but fields are green with flowers.
Anyway, a lot of bikers were waiting at the gym today when the group from Brand arrived. Probably due to the nice weather conditions.
Group one set of at a fast pace towards Falkenstein and proceeded fast towards Rebichel. Moni was squeaking a bit along the way, but Jon promised to get it fixed Before the big cycle trip to Walkertshofen on Saturday and Sunday. Going uphill towards the ruin of Falkenstein we were greeted with some brilliant panorama view of the Alps in the setting sun. As said, perfect weather conditions. Arriving at the top we had a short pause to get our long clothes on and catch some breath. On the way down group two was just going uphill, taking the same route as we had. Due to a cold Jon had started of with group two but joined group one in the end for some fast downhill cycling on of trail routes. After a super downhill ride on said of trail route we cycled through some hamlets back towards Nesselwang and the Bistro for some drinks and after that home to a shower.
Track at GPSies from me and Jon, and also some pictures from me and Jon.

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