Sunday, July 10, 2016

Preparing to Sail

Three days with Allan so far. I reached him on Friday and the first few days I spent on board just to get used to things before we would head out. In those three days we could get used to each other with the possibility of me just leaving. As that wasn't about to happen and we both get along we did a few shopping runs in to town to be prepared for days out at sea with no direct chain of supplies. Got a wire up the mast to get the VHF signal as good as possible, meant I got to get right to the top of the mast, something I have wanted to do in a while. Working on the top of a sailing boat whilst it is rocking about. I got all the gear I needed from my car to the boat and then it was pretty much just waiting for Allan to give the go. That happened today evening for tomorrow morning.
Now in bed waiting to set sail tomorrow, can't wait for it.  

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