Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ironfest Lithgow

The weather has not been the best in Australia at the moment, it is mostly cloudy and quiet a bit of rain in the section of the Blue Mountains where I am. Also a good sign, means there are no bush fires dangers in the area.
Emma, Kieran (the two others currently living by Catherin), a friend of theirs and me did go to the Ironfest in Lithgow, on the other side of the Blue Mountains. It is a sort of medieval re-enactment festival, minus the big stone castles they have in Europe, as none of them where built here. Over the past few years they have also included Napoleonic era guns and firearms and this year they had a World War 2 and Steam punk section, too. Never seen a re-enactment of a small World War 2 skirmish before, but my ears where ringing after that. Had a long look around the whole festival after that, watching some forging, tried some mead and everything else they have on those sort of festivals. We where lucky the whole day and didn't get rained on at all. We left in the afternoon at some point after Emma and Kieran had bought a loud of drinks and fresh fungus.  

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