Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cortina 2013 Day 3

Woke up perfectly today, right when the alarm rung. Dad calls it a submarine attack warning, but it's just an alarm. Went down to a breakfast buffet and after Jon tested two eggs, one of which was near to raw, I got a nicely boiled egg. Dad was still tired and had to get his bike to work again, as something to do with the back wheel went wrong yesterday.
Group 1 was ready to go at 9 o'clock again, but had to wait a bit longer as Sepp received the GPS rack for today from my device. He didn't have it on his for some reason. Set of a bit late in the direction we took yesterday, but instead of following the short cut steep road we took the main road uphill. Turned right at one point and instead of taking the lift like the people had done on the track before we went up the road. Karin had some problems with her gears but Hopsing managed to repair it in no time. Good that Hopsing is with us, he seems invaluable as a scout, mechanic and friend. Up and up it went again until we reached a second lift. This one we took as the next passage was unbikeable. Weird thing was that bikes up to 20kg were allowed up and bikes up to 30kg down. Everyone with bike reached the top and Sepp and me refilled our water supplies at a restaurant.
Then it went downhill, after some discussion, along a very gravely road. Even saw a car come up at one point, no four wheel drive. Hopsin got a flat tire on the way downhill, but that was repaired in a jiffy. Skidding down we reached a tarmac road and continued along that. Stopped again as we had missed the track at a curve somewhere, me being at the front this time. Biked back uphill a bit and then down exactly the same road again. Turned out the trail was a bit to much for some and there was a warning sign anyway. Reached an intersection of the tarmac road and the rail so Paulina, Inge and me went down the trail while the rest continued down the road. Inge and me slipped on a long and went metal pipe, but got our feet out in time. Met up with the rest at the bottom and while Inge explained the road to a caravan the rest continued.
Along the main road it went until we reached the same crossing as yesterday. And like yesterday we went up and up the tarmac road. I was stuck at the back but nearly managed to catch up to Moni in the end. Instead of going down the trail to the lift like the day before we carried on uphill. And uphill it went for a long time. Had a quick lunch in the shadow of a huge climbing mountain, I think the name was Trofana. Carried on pushing most of the rest to a restaurant between to mountain were we had lunch. We could see an apparently very famous mountain called something like Marmolada.
After lunch it was downhill again, as we had reached the highest point of today at about 2400m above sea level. First bit downhill was a wide, rocky and steep ski piste. Everyone else pushed and I somehow got down alive without using my brakes. Those had been rendered unusable in that steepness. Had a bit of a adrenalin shake at the bottom and thank god nothing bad happened, that could have ended really ugly. Carried on along the side of a mountain with marmot warnings sounding all around us. Paulina is the only one I heard from that saw a small one scurry along the path in front of her.
After that along some of the most beautiful mountains trail I have done up to date. Biking downhill through shrub field with the Alps in the background. Really felt like mountain biking in a film there. Down through the wood along woodland trails and at the bottom the rest in front of me stopped. I couldn't break in time so I evaded and went down another long, gravely and steep track. Seems like they want to catch me today. Survived that smaller one to the bottom as well and biked through a river. Jumped of my bike at the end and got a few pictures of the rest biking through the water. Went a bit downhill after that, but we reached the main road fairly quick.
Then it was back uphill again to get to the top of the Falzerego pass. Had a short stop to refill our water supplies at a fountain whilst being passed by a police car and a fire brigade truck. Reached the top after some convoy biking and managed to create a traffic chaos by trying to cross the road. Pushed uphill again, as the track said we were supposed to do that. When we saw that it would carry on quiet a bit longer and it was 16.00, Sepp put his foot down on it and we turned round again to continue down the main road. Whizzing down the road we saw a lot of old military vehicles come the other way, some collectors items. After leaving the road we trailed the rest back to Cortina, me going over the handle bars once. Nothing bad happened from that.

Track at GPSies, pictures at Picasa, Sepps report here and Dads report here (top one).

Time in saddle:5 hours 50 min.
Distance: 49.1 km
Average speed: 8.4 km/h

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